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Are your food choices turning cancer off or on?
A letter from Dr. Nalini Chilkov, Founder of Integrative Cancer Answers
You don't have to be a statistic. 

You can take control of the risk factors that cause cancer cells to start multiplying in the first place: one of the most critical risk factors is THE FOOD YOU EAT.

Your food actually talks to your genes, your DNA.
Yes, you read that correctly. There are specific foods that turn on cancer suppressor genes and turn off cancer promoter genes. As a matter of fact, I you to know about 10 superfoods in particular that help you fight cancer in the kitchen.

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If you have cancer right now, if you are recovering from treatment (be it recent or some months or years ago), or if you have a high risk of cancer, you should read this ebook cover-to-cover today.

Some of the most powerful solutions and remedies are revealed when we look at how we live, how we eat, what we drink, and whether or not we are sedentary or lead an active lifestyle.

I have created Integrative Cancer Answers which is about HEALTH and ALIVENESS, not about illness and disease.
Integrative Cancer Answers is about taking charge of your life and your well-being and becoming empowered with a safe, science-based, natural approach to cultivating and restoring enduring wellness and a long life.

Let thy food be thy medicine.


Dr. Nalini Chilkov, L.Ac., O.M.D.
Founder, Integrative Cancer Answers